June 20, 2017

Recycling is a big movement in today’s environmentally conscious world. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s gold. Many furniture pieces now feature old parts repurposed from non-functioning vehicles, revolutionising the concept of home furnishing and interior design. Standing lamps made from car headlights, and beds made from boats, are just some of the many pieces that have gained popularity as collector’s items and conversational pieces. For builders and buyers alike, these creations are often objects of a passionate pastime. Many of these are also commissioned and can be customised like these 5 repurposed vehicular-themed furniture.


MotoArt DC-9 Airplane Desk

If you’re a big aviation buff then this is the perfect desk for you. The wing is cut from the iconic DC-9 with a welded ½ inch tempered glass top and aluminium plate legs for that seamless sleek look. The mirror polished finishing and rivet details add a commanding presence, and it will put you in the right mood for anything. Look no further for your next burst of inspiration.

Beach Star Stroller

Crafted from various parts of a Harley-Davidson Sportster including engine guards, handlebar tubing and handlebar grips, this desk chair has its own biker chic flair. Decked out in all black and chrome, complete with skull engravings on the armrests, it was originally commissioned for the Bret Michaels Rock Star Suite at Mexico’s Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. But as luck would have it, you can now have one of your own.


Rolls-Royce V8 Coffee Table

Ever wanted to own a piece of Rolls-Royce heritage but couldn’t quite afford it? Now you can with this repurposed vintage L Series V8 engine coffee table. It is entirely chromed, fitted with four legs and mounted with British standard certified table glass top. The company’s embossed ‘double Rs’ emblem makes this the ideal centrepiece for the sophisticated gearhead’s living room. Amp up your living room with some va-va-voom here.

Boat Shelf with Drawers

Fashioned out of an old wooden boat, this storage unit has a rustic nautical charm to it. The drawers are a mix of white and grey faded wood with matching oars attached at the side to boot. A single but tall mantelshelf makes for a great display space and its regular size makes it an easy but unique fit for the living area or even the bedroom. Live out your nautical dreams here, Captain!

1957 Chevy Sofa

Indulge in a nostalgic piece of automotive history with the Chevy sofa! Moulded from the rear end of a 1957 Chevy, the car’s actual back seat is replicated and fused with the iconic rear fins of the vehicle. A main feature is the illuminated underside which gives the sofa its own ambient lighting. You also get to pick your own classic exterior and upholstery colours like Red with Black or Pink with Red and White. Get yours now and spice up your home with some of that 50’s spirit!


Image Credits: MotoArt, Bike Furniture, Engine-Tables UK