June 5, 2018

Redefining luxury, elegance and urbanity, British brand Bora Aksu is set to harbinger its collection of rivetingly romantic demi-couture pieces for women in Singapore, slated to officially open in mid-2018.

Debuted with an off-schedule stint at the London Fashion Week in 2003, Bora Aksu was hailed as the star of the show and received four consecutive NEWGEN awards which placed him on the official LFW schedule every year since. Till date, Bora Aksu has amassed an impressive 30 collections and is known for his ethereal warrior-like creations which have made him a reoccurring highlight of the London schedule.


Founded in 2003, Bora Aksu has opened over twenty stores in major cities in the Asia Pacific region. Since the opening of its first global flagship store in Beijing in 2015, the Bora Aksu brand has been widely known for its whimsical and ultra-romantic designs. Elaborate, exquisite compositions and luxurious tulle fabrics represent Bora Aksu’s signature looks, with an ensemble of pinstripe culottes and matching blazers, velvet jumpsuits and wide-leg trousers, or ultra-feminine, dreamy dresses in sorbet shades. Romantic but always with a darker twist, Bora Aksu’s pieces are known to emote charm, intrigue and seduction.

As a premier fashion and information hub in the region, Singapore’s strategic location is vital to Bora Aksu’s future global development into the markets. The opening of the first store in Singapore will be the first time Bora Aksu showcases the demi-couture culture with the latest seasonal apparel from the Bora Aksu Spring/ Summer 2018 collection.

Channelling the brand’s identity, the stores are reminiscent of sleek simplicity and modernism, with ringed glistening gold borders and bewitching marble flooring.  Bora Aksu is slated to officially open in Singapore in mid-2018.