December 4, 2018

German design brand Braun Büffel continues to demonstrate its bold, futuristic direction with a Spring/Summer 2019 collection, themed RETRO FUTURE VISION. As the first complete collection designed by Fabio Panzeri, Braun Büffel’s new Creative Director, it showcases his radical vision that celebrates eclecticism with a retro-futuristic mood. Officially launching from Singapore and online on 8 December 2018, the collection ushers in an exciting new era for the 131-year old German leather goods brand.

Following the debut of his first capsule collection in April 2018, Fabio Panzeri, based out of Singapore, brings his maverick approach to the heritage leather brand. RETRO FUTURE VISION—three fundamental words that perfectly encapsulate a significant turning point for Braun Büffel—looks back at the brand’s uncompromising craftsmanship and quality while also projecting towards the future. It denotes the brand’s ability to constantly evolve with future generations.

In line with the RETRO FUTURE VISION aesthetic, Braun Büffel breaks away from conventional classics to explore futuristic designs that transition effortlessly to fit the modern lifestyle. For the contemporary man and woman, the brand explores functional fashion, sartorial versatility, urban sportiness, and consciousness in this season. This eccentric collection illustrates Fabio’s vision of a metallic and geometric-influenced futuristic utopia and hallmarks the brand’s progression of colours, details, shapes and textures. Recognising today’s active lifestyle, multi-functional leather accessories blend style and function to take you from AM to PM. An eclectic mix of new materials beyond leather is incorporated to convey an edgy attitude – from the new retrofleX fabric and neoprene to printed snakeskin and nylon. Fashion also meets sustainability this season with a conscious line Space Bully depicting the brand’s young mascot, Bully, on his journey of space exploration.


Strong pop colours paired with geometric patterns, exotic prints and metallic mash-ups take charge in the women’s collection. Maximalist pieces draw on Art Deco influences to remix contemporary elegance with audacious attitude and offer the 21st-century woman distinctive designs for everyday use.

Through an artistic and futuristic interpretation of the House’s buffalo logo, the Doris-C line exudes the confidence of the BB woman. Embellished with maximalist studded details, it makes a daring statement and is hand-crafted with leather pieces that feature the entire colour palette of the season which include shades of seductive ruby, sky blue to dark rose.

Fashion meets function in the Dahlia line, where soft, supple bags are accentuated by a striking piping detail in black and metallic. The beautiful piping adds playful definition through multi-colourways, adding bursts of colour to your active lifestyle.

Refreshed with playful pastel hues this season, the brand’s signature Ophelia line boasts an updated look and carries a youthful vivacity for the modern BB woman. It departs from its regular boxy structure to assume a more sensual form while paired with tone-on-tone colour logo hardware.

This season’s new take of the Kelis line features embellishments that express luxurious magnetism and urban fashion. Futuristic-geometric detailing appeals to the woman that looks for a vibrant accessory that is both feminine and edgy, taking them from day to night.

Designed with a unique interchangeable handle or strap option, the Candice line empowers the Braun Büffel woman with options to personalise her own leather accessory. Possessing a structured silhouette, it can be dressed up according to the occasion with handles and straps in stylish emerald or nostalgic grey.


Designed in utilitarian fashion, the men’s collection is dedicated to the dynamic and diverse Braun Büffel man and takes inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s cult classic “2001: A Space Odyssey”. New constructions of technical materials in galactic blue, black and dark silvers communicate urban tech-sportswear mixed with androgynous charm. While new styles match the versatility of a metropolitan lifestyle and defy masculine stereotypes to prove the brand’s fundamental appeal across genders.

Continuing in its innovative direction, Braun Büffel steps up its game this season with the birth of the new 16-hour design. Understanding the evolving needs of the BB man on the go, the brand creates 16-hour bags, which efficiently accommodate everything needed to take you from day to night, in style.

Debuting the 16-hour designs are the Harrison backpack and the Kirk backpack—with these bags, there’s no need to separate work life from active life. The 16-hour Harrison backpack is designed with electric blue and topaz leather accents, and features multiple compartments, including a washable-nylon shoe and clothing bag to make organizing a breeze. The 16-hour Kirk backpack is made from neoprene fabric with textural nappa leather and retrofleX detailing, making this bag super lightweight and the perfect companion for your business, active or travel lifestyle.

The Delos-R line, now updated with a metallic finish is another instance where Braun Büffel designs effortlessly integrate into your lifestyle. For your long days, a sleek Delos-R backpack comes in dark silver and pays homage to the theme of a futuristic vision with a subtle touch of luxury.

The innovative retrofleX fabric introduced this season achieves playful light reflections in Z-Gen, Kirk, Danny and Newman, embodying the essence of urban-street with its lightweight feel and sleek, sophisticated silhouettes. Designed for the 21st-century traveller to make a statement, the four lines strike a balance between both fashion and function.