August 18, 2020

Gentle Monster presents ‘Redefinition of Eyewear’, a project hoping to break away from the conventional meaning that eyewear currently holds and to open doors to new ideas and concepts. A new experience is created by using digital eyewear to take it in a new direction.

Presenting a series of collaborations with nine global artists: Daisy May Collingridge, Damien Blottier, Esmay Wagemans, Gentle Monster, Ikeuchi Hiroto, James Merry, Liz Sexton, Lyle Xox, and Shalva Nikvashvili. Each eyewear, with distinctive personalities, may not seem traditional, but are all within Gentle Monster’s experimental definition and new standard of eyewear.

Introducing Daisy May Collingridge, an artist who explores the human form and skin through fabrics in various areas across fashion, sculpture, and performance. Daisy creates an extension of skin through different fabrics to focus on human nature and the wonderment of organisms. She names all her characters and art forms, and ‘Clem’ is no different. ‘Clem’ is her own person, an individual.

Damien Blottiere, a visual artist based in Paris, works by cutting photographs of the human body, and reassembles them to create a 3- dimensional piece. Taking place somewhere in between an abstract and tangible world, Damien’s art evokes a mixture of elegant yet eccentric emotions. ‘Thinking of Glasses’ showcases a new concept of beauty made only out of paper delivering his message that things are not always what they seem, the first appearance deceives many.

Esmay Wagemans is a sci-fi artist who explores futuristic beauty through different materials. ‘Artificial Fluidity’ redefines eyewear in her own way by combining the natural and artificial aspects to create a futuristic and wearable art piece.

Tangible Light’ is Gentle Monster’s take on the ‘Redefinition of Eyewear’ project. Inspired by the shape of light, this piece features black fragments in a radial form highlighted by a vibrant red light, showcasing Gentle Monster’s unbound experimental drive.

Introducing Ikeuchi Hiroto, an artist based in Tokyo who works with functional and wearable compositions. He disassembles and reassembles electronics to create cyberpunk pieces. His artwork of‘VR Goggles’ is an extended visualization of function, more than its original function as a pair of goggles.

James Merry, an English artist living in Iceland is known primarily for his embroidery work and collaboration with Icelandic singer-songwriter, Björk, on her visuals. Drawing core inspiration from anatomy, and then fusing this with other concepts with the likes of flowers and marine life, this piece is called ‘Sacrum’ because of the similarities of a vertebrae, particularly the bones at the base of spine – the coccyx and the sacrum.

Liz Sexton is a US-based artist who creates papier-mâché sculptures inspired by the natural world. Her work often focuses on endangered animals as well as common species that live around us in our immediate environments, ones we tend to disregard or even disdain. This piece aims to transform the perspectives of the raccoon by the wearer and viewer, hopefully helping us to see all creatures we share this world with in a kinder, gentler manner.

Introducing Lyle Xox, a mixed media artist who uses ‘faces’ as a blank canvas to create unique visuals. He explores a new beauty by combining makeup techniques and ‘found objects’ from common everyday objects. The eyewear for this project began with the collection ‘found objects’ of flowers and reptiles and the result showcases that there is beauty in the objects of everyday life and items that we discard on a regular basis are actually vessels of potential.

‘MZE’ means ‘the sun’ in Georgian. Shalva Nikvvashvili, a Georgian artist based in Belgium, was thinking about the sun and flowers when he started on this project. The intense red layers, symbolizing the blazing sun, and flower petals of the mask are made of recycled leather. By perceiving the ‘eye’ as a passage that connects us to the world, and then reinterpreting it in the form of eyewear, he hopes that everyone will find their own meaning in this art piece.

Discover Gentle Monster’s project to push the limits and to redefine eyewear and experience the experimental art pieces with face filters on Gentle Monster’s Instagram page.