April 9, 2019

While we are trying to keep abreast with the latest makeup trends and threads, it’s easy to neglect an important element—our hair. Sometimes, with the right cut, colour or accessories, you can easily amp up your features and inject more “life” into your overall appearance. From barrettes to low ponytails, here are the biggest hair trends in 2019 that will blow up on social media soon, and won’t leave you feeling stale. 

Hair Barrettes

As a teen, you’re probably familiar with barrettes and have worn them at some point in your life. But recently, they are making a comeback with a more sophisticated age-appropriate appeal (all thanks to Chanel). Apart from taming your bedhead, a barrette can spice up mundane office hairdo, and most importantly, frame your face shape. These stunning pearly barrettes from Pixie Market are your quick fix on lacklustre days.


One of the most talked-about Oscar moment this year was the iconic Fendi pink velvet scunchie that Jason Momoa wore on his wrist. Relatively affordable and available in an array of designs and prints, scrunchies can add a fun pop of colour. Throw it on your wrists as a stand-in bracelet or simply tighten your messy bun—the scrunchie can do no wrong.

Scandi Blonde

As Game Of Thrones enters its final season, we still can’t get over Daenerys Targaryen’s iconic platinum blonde hair. And we have good reason not to. Frequented spotted on the runway this season, Scandi blonde (or Nordic white) is having a high-fashion moment this season. While the super-reflective shine acts like a permanent accessory on your head and can easily complement all kinds of hairstyles, it can be a tricky tone to maintain. Invest in an aftercare hair mask and purple shampoo to prevent breakage and split ends. 

Low Pony

Sorry, Ari. We say thank you, next to the high, pulled-back ponytail and welcome a more relaxed aesthetic—the low ponytail. If you aren’t ready to snip your hair or commit to a new colour just yet, then opt for this polished yet effortless trend that is making its way onto the red carpet. Put on a pair of earrings and you’re good to go.


Image Credits: Pixie Market