June 27, 2017

The concept of convertible fashion has spawned from a number of needs including cost efficiency and practicality. The idea of less is more has seen many people clear their closets of excess clothing and replace them with multifunctional essentials. From pants that turn into shorts and jackets that morph into bags, the popularity of these products are noticeable on the streets today and we can be sure to see more updated versions in time to come. Meanwhile, here are 5 multifunctional pieces that defy conventional rules.

Ximena Valero Versatile Dress

As the name suggests, this lycra dress comes in two contrasting tones. The back is black while the front comes in a choice of red, white, nude or navy blue so you can change your look simply by reversing it. The length and style of this adaptable dress can also be easily tweaked to suit your needs. Wear it as a mini skirt or long and flowy, for a more slender silhouette—the possibilities are fun and endless! Become a fashion chameleon here.


Kooshoo Journey Shawl

Drape it over your shoulders, throw it on as a dress or use it a headscarf, this multipurpose shawl can be styled in several different ways. No matter how you wear it, this truly is an all-in-one garment that has button closures to keep it firmly in place without the need for additional accessories. The cool blue shade also matches well with light and dark skin tones. Your answer to comfort and versatility has arrived.

The North Face Women’s Horizon II Convertible Pants

For the outdoor casual girl in you, this pair of beige nylon pants are not only abrasion-resistant but highly versatile too. When the weather gets too warm, simply unzip the sections at the mid-thigh, and it turns into a pair of 5″ shorts. The quick-dry material makes it ideal for beach wear, so you don’t have to worry if your shorts get wet. Get in on the summer fun with your very own now.

Convert Morgan Rae Moto Jacket

Tired of the unglamorous hassle of carrying your unworn jacket around? Convert has the perfect solution with this funky faux leather jacket for your inner biker chick that folds into an actual sling bag. You can now carry it around in style and yes, it comes exclusively in black.


Mime et Moi Rome Kollection 

Mime et Moi brings you a collection of interchangeable heeled shoes if you want to switch from flats to stilettos should the occasion arise. Their fabulous range comes in a myriad of designs and colours like this Denim Blue number which is glamorous and feminine at the same time. You never have to bring an extra pair of shoes anymore.


Image Credits: Kooshoo, Convert and Mime et Moi