August 14, 2018

Athleisure is here to stay, and donning a tracksuit is a surefire way to get stylish without having to overthink your outfit. Cast your misconceptions aside, because sometimes a tracksuit can propel you into the sartorial light—just make sure you find the right fit and material—the last thing you want is to come across like a football player. With many different options ranging from high-end luxury brands like Gucci to Balenciaga, here are 5 looks that will make you the coolest guy in the room.

Gucci Technical Jersey Jacket/Pant

Many celebrities and larger-than-life rappers have been seen decked out in full Gucci tracksuits with bright colours and crazy embroidery. Our pick from the bunch is a simple black tracksuit with cream stripes topped with the iconic green and red colours running along the sides. Making a statement without looking ostentatious is key here.

Balenciaga Tracksuit Jacket

Playing into the trend of baggy fits and colour blocking, the Balenciaga Tracksuit jacket knocks it out of the park with their simple and comfy design. It exudes a vintage, old school vibe with a modern twist, harking back to the 80s.

Fila Duane Woven Tracksuit

The rising athleisure trend has led to the resurgence of many classic sportswear brands, one of them being Fila, which gained traction recently with their vintage aesthetics and nostalgic appeal. If you are looking for a something clean and fresh, the Duane Woven Tracksuit in a full white colourway can be your go-to piece for summer nights. 

Adidas SST Track Jacket/Pant

You can never go wrong in Adidas for that quintessential tracksuit combo. Opt for the red colourway to stand out, and don’t forget to put on the right pair of kicks. 

BAPE x Adidas Track Top/Pants

Looking for something with little more clout? The BAPE x Adidas collaboration has generated a lot of hype, with the entire collection selling out so quickly. One thing’s for sure, it takes a certain kind of man to pull off camo—sometimes taking risks can pay off. 

Image Credits: Adidas, Bape, Gucci, Balenciaga