August 20, 2019

The Atelier & Co. has unveiled its global headquarters in Singapore, expanding the two core businesses—The Wedding Atelier and The Floral Atelier—within Asia. The impressive 7,000 square feet space will house its planning arm, design studio, floral cold room, education division with workshops and masterclasses. As a brand synonymous with luxury events and design, there will also be a dedicated event space for hire and retail segment consisting of specialty products sourced from the team’s global travels.

“The Atelier & Co. believes in the creation of all things beautiful, luxurious and exceptional to delight people. With this empowering inspiration, I aim to strengthen the industry profile and build a strong community within the wedding, events and floral sectors in Singapore.” says Founder of the company, Lelian Chew. The vision is for the atelier to welcome artisans and craftsmen, local and global, to come together to collaborate and create works in line with The Atelier & Co.’s unwavering brand promise of beauty and luxury.

Since its inception, The Atelier & Co. has sought to elevate the level of unique experience and aesthetic to the events industry, first through The Wedding Atelier and subsequently The Floral Atelier. Going beyond events and flowers, The Atelier & Co. has aimed to weave the fabrics of beauty and luxury into one’s everyday life. With its emergence as Asia’s pre-eminent luxury events and floral design house, The Atelier & Co. will also unveil its Curated Products division at Delta House, featuring collections by local and global artisans. Right off the bat, Soohyang, a Korean fragrance brand which has emerged as Asia’s coolest with a cult following in America and United Kingdom, will arrive to Singapore’s shores exclusively through The Atelier & Co. Next up, The Floral Atelier will collaborate with home-grown twice-crowned Asia’s Best Pastry Chef, Janice Wong, to create custom hand-painted flower bonbons with exquisite one-of-a-kind floral-inspired flavours.

Built into the space is the crown jewel centrepiece, a glass-walled flower cellar known as The Crystal Cube, showcasing amazing blooms that will ignite any flower lover’s floral fantasies. The new headquarters will also be a venue for floral masterclasses and experiential workshops taught by world-renowned artisans who will share their vision of beauty, luxury and artisanal skills with Singapore. Designed specifically as an open concept with every piece being mobile and movable, the venue is up for hire for press launches, private events, and celebrations, supported by a bar, fully functional kitchen and catering facilities.

The Atelier & Co.’s headquarters is located at 2 Alexandra Road, Delta House, Level 8, Singapore 159919. Opening hours are from 10am to 7pm.