June 12, 2018

The premise for all-conditions gear is naturally cynical: expect the worst seasonal situation so wearers forget their need of the garment entirely. It might come as a surprise, then, that a key element for the NikeLab ACG summer 2018 collection is one you typically associate with cooler weather: Gore-Tex.

“This season, we discussed trying to finesse more of a modular system for men and women. What are our expectations toward summer apparel, in terms of adaptability and modularity?” says Johanna Schneider, senior director of influencer marketing and product collaborations for NikeLab ACG.

Schneider and NikeLab ACG collaborator Errolson Hugh asked this question for the release of ACG’s latest seasonal collection. Three pillars propped up the collection’s values: the utility of Gore-Tex, the breathability of fleece, and the mobility of the beloved trousers.


Regarding Gore-Tex, the team wanted to embrace a fresh perspective on the element’s usefulness for summer, considering the common belief that the fabric membrane is strictly a material for cold, wet seasons. But Gore-Tex offers more than protection. It also functions as a lithe, breathable barrier against unexpected summer conditions.

The NikeLab ACG Gore Tex jacket is the cornerstone of the collection. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, the three-layer outer garment includes detachable sleeves from the standard ¾ sleeve length for added protection. Multiple pockets offer plenty of room to store your personal valuables. Interior carry straps grant the wearer the ability to shed the layer’s weight while keeping the layer in arm’s reach.

Another unexpected element in the collection: fleece, the appearance of which features in the PO Hoodie.

“We were thinking about what the fleece could look like for summer,” says Schneider. “We built in more breathability details, like the mesh component in the neck for ventilation, so when you move your head inside the hood, you can stay cool, and also rely on the physical articulation of the overall piece.”

The new cargo pant pulls from this same versatile philosophy, with articulated legs for freedom of movement, expandable cargo pockets with zipper and snap closures, and a functional zippered fly. But wearers will notice another detail: there is only one pant silhouette for both men and women in this collection.