August 4, 2017

Dressing up for a date can be absolutely nerve-racking. Whether it’s the first or 100th date, the mere thought of wanting to make a good impression always gives me flutters in my stomach. For most people, the perennial question of “What should I wear?” is always on their minds, but with some advance planning and well-chosen, occasion-appropriate outfits, you will never have to panic anymore.

Digital Content Creator Aloysius has the ability to make basic fashion looks like demi-couture. His Instagram feed is every bit enviable—colourful travels, heartburn inducing food shots and of course, chic dressing.

On his blog, he’s generous with advice on fashion (how to pull off tiger prints, anyone?), health (hello, 2017 health trend: juice cleanse) and food, local to Macao. Clearly, Aloysius is a man-about town who knows where to go, what to do and when to do it. I.e. your perfect digital wingman.

“If you are the shy type, social media or dating apps like Tinder is definitely a good place to start with. After all, it’s really hard to express your interest to someone in public. ” Here are a few stylish ideas from Aloysius that will make others swipe right for you. 


Tea Salon

When cafes are popping all around town,  a quaint little tea house hidden away from all the hype naturally becomes a gem. Looksee Looksee, located in Bugis has been all the buzz recently. The pastel-hued space looks perfect on the pages of a Kinfolk magazine and also your Instagram feed. Looksee Looksee doubles as a reading room with titles curated by the top thought leaders across Singapore’s creative industries such as F&B, art and design, great if you and your date aren’t already absorbed by the atmosphere.

“To me, a perfect date is sitting and chatting about life over a cuppa. Nothing fanciful, but fulfilling. Personally, the Dempsey Hill & Keppel Bay area is quite romantic. Not all prints are created equal. This tiger print shirt from River Island is one hell of a good piece. The black and white contrast designs make it sleek yet bold. And I really love the viscose material. It is light and soft to touch, comfortable to wear regardless of rain or shine. The cream coloured white bomber jacket from Factorie will complement the top. Don’t forget to accessorise your outfit, I wore mine with Daniel Wellington classic cuffs.”


Meet the Parents 

Meeting the parents is definitely nerve-wracking. You do not want to underdress nor be too liberal with your style. The point is to look presentable, so that don’t look sloppy or unkempt. Striking that perfect balance is not easy, but once you get past that, you could even gain a new BFF.

“My minimum requirement for my ideal partner is someone who is kind and faithful. When meeting with the parents, it’a wise choice to keep it smart. A flannel shirt is a classic choice from River Island and it goes well with a pair of jeans from Mango. Comfort is a very important factor.”


Stand-Up Comedy

What’s a better way to figure out if your senses of humour are aligned than to go watch stand-up comedy? No matter how the date goes, at least you get to laugh it off.

I am very particular about punctuality. It is the most basic form of respect for your date. A striped T-shirt from New Look with a button-up shirt from ASOS is my go-to. When it gets cold indoors, the shirt doubles up as a jacket for your partner. Sweet move. I love pairing this casual top a with a washed-out jeans from Factoria and a comfortable Adidas Superstar.”


A Night Out

If a fun but low-key date is what you are thinking of, a lounge bar will make a great spot. A slow and relaxed setting and the help of some liquid courage will definitely help put you and your date at ease. With some good music, vibes and intimate ambience, you and your date will surely be nudged into the right direction.

Aloysius: “My first date was at Sentosa. Thinking back, it was quite romantic. Sitting by the water and learning about one another. A good outfit for a night out will be a fun printed shirt by River Island (as seen on Aloysius), it’s not a boring shirt nor is it too loud. Pair it with a ripped jeans and buckle it with a belt from Blackbarrett. This outfit will go well with any footwear.”



I hope you paid attention while watching La La Land because the dating manual states that a couple will easily gravitate and fall for one another while wafting through the dreamy Planetarium. Do you know that different months have different planets in view? Charm your partner by having such information handy from the Science Centre.

Aloysius: “A good denim jacket is timeless and suitable for many occasions. If you pair it with another denim, you will never go wrong! Complete the whole classic with a Converse Chuck Taylor and you are ready to go.”