August 31, 2018

Netflix’s revival of Queer Eye has been redefining masculinity and touching our hearts with so many feel-good moments. Each of the Fab Five (Antoni: food, Karamo: culture, Tan: fashion, Bobby: interior design, and Jonathan: hair and skincare) teaches us how to improve every aspect of our lives, and stay glam while we’re at it. The series is a goldmine of beauty and style advice for both men and women, so if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon like the rest of us, here are some important takeaways from the show.  

Prints are your friend

Perhaps the simplest yet most enduring style hack we learnt from Queer Eye: if you’re running short on time but want to look like you made an effort, wear a printed shirt. There are prints for every mood—from florals to geometrics—to suit your taste. If you want to dress up with a jacket or down with a pair of berms, prints are a quick fix to liven up your outfit. And to really nail the laissez-faire aesthetic, make sure to use Tan’s hashtag-inspiring french tuck: use one hand to secure the front of your shirt in your waistband and let the rest billow out. Thank you, Tan France.

Long live the bomber jacket

Tan may be the resident fashion guy, but the rest of the boys sure know how to dress sartorially too. Karamo’s signature bomber jacket is a classic silhouette that has stood the test of time, a piece that anyone can throw on to quickly elevate their look (or fend off the cold). Wear it over a simple graphic t-shirt (a la Antoni) to toughen up your look or a button-up—either way, you have upped your game. This versatile number is something you always want to keep handy.

Take care of yourself and your body will thank you

Jonathan Van Ness’ luscious locks are the envy of people everywhere and have amassed a cult following of their own. Jonathan is the person you can’t help but love. With big hair and an even bigger personality, Jonathan is always ready to share his beauty secrets: apply green stick to tone down skin redness, exfoliant to keep your skin baby soft, and a sincere warning to steer clear of shampoos made with sulfates. Of course, to keep your body well, you have to eat well. And Antoni’s recipes for guacamole and grilled cheese are always accessible even to those who have never attempted to fry an egg before. As good as it feels to order take-out and kick your feet back, preparing a meal for yourself is one of the most underrated forms of self-care we all need to practise every now and then.

It’s okay to feel

In each episode, Karamo sits down with the makeover-ee and gets them to open up about the things that are holding them back. Low self-esteem? A traumatic childhood? Financial troubles? Or stuck in rut? Whatever it is, you’re bigger than that. He teaches us that it’s okay to cry, to be in touch with our feelings, and that the power to face our demons is within us—it just takes courage and the ability to be honest with ourselves. Take a leaf out of the Fab Five’s book and make it a point to have honest conversations—they can go a long way in helping you take that first step towards change.  

Hero Image credit: Netflix