September 21, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has left its mark on the world, impacting many people adversely in the process—companies have folded, workers have been furloughed or let go, with unemployment at an all-time high. Singapore has not been spared from the calamitous effects either. The economy is experiencing the worst downturn it has seen in years, as many industries from travel to retail have been hit hard by the outbreak. Chief among them is Singapore Airlines, which has had to cut over 4,300 positions in order to stay afloat. Despite extensive government support in the form of stimulus packages, many still worry about job security and income stability amid the ongoing crisis. 

No matter how bleak times may seem, there will always be companies that need to increase their headcount due to expansion and growth. Furthermore, overseas firms still look to Singapore as a world-class talent hub, with several planning to locate their headquarters here. If you are job hunting at the moment, here are six companies hiring in the midst of Covid-19. 


American communications technology company Zoom has recently opened a data centre in Singapore— its first in Southeast Asia, adding to a total of 18 sites globally. With the rise of telecommuting around the world to combat the outbreak, Zoom, which provides video-calling and online chat services, saw an enormous surge in its users. Since April 21, an average of 300 million “meeting participants” have been using Zoom’s video conferencing app regularly and the company’s share price is up by almost 400 per cent since the start of the year. According to Abe Smith, head of international at Zoom, the company is looking to hire more Singapore employees this year. Although an exact figure has yet to be given, the company is looking to fill positions in sales, engineering, customer success, human resources and more.


ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, is looking to use Singapore as a platform to diversify its business throughout Asia. The Beijing-based company has almost 200 open positions on its job referral site, and is looking to spend billions of dollars in Singapore over the next three years. There are also talks about setting up a data centre here. Just the previous year, the company was reported to have made a profit of US$3 billion, making it one of the world’s most commercially successful and lucrative start-ups. 

Despite its hiccups in India, Pakistan, Japan, Britain and the United States (with the Trump administration placing a ban on the app after November 12), the tech company is still moving at full throttle to cement its position in Asia. Current job openings in Singapore range from a tech lead, backend software engineer, product analyst, data product specialist, global partnership head to an organisational culture specialist.


Tech giant Twitter’s first Asia Pacific engineering centre in Singapore is looking to hire 65 new employees over the next few years in the fields of data engineering, software engineering and data sciences. Twitter has also announced that it will be extending its work from home policy, allowing employees to continue working at home indefinitely (if they prefer to). This mandate extends to all employees, with the exception of those who need to come in for server maintenance and other in-person activities. For those who find commuting to work stressful, Twitter may be an ideal employer. 


Founded in 2012, Singapore- based start-up Carousell has raised a total of US$262.8 million in funding thus far, and is poised to be a unicorn with a valuation of over US$900 million. With strong backers such as Naspers, Rakuten Ventures and Sequoia Capital, the company has a presence in eight countries across Asia, with 250 million listings and counting. If you are interested in being part of one of the largest and fastest growing classifieds marketplaces in Southeast Asia, Carousell is currently on the lookout for senior software engineers, business leads, sales associates, customer experience specialists, operations executives and many more.


Although New York-based wine critic-turned media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk has gained quite a reputation for his dynamism and potty mouth, this social media wizard is estimated to have a net worth of US$200 million. His company VaynerMedia not only has over 100 active clients who seek them out for their unique and creative marketing campaigns, but is also one of Google’s ten marketing platform partners. With offices in eight cities across the globe, the company is presently recruiting for an account director, a media manager and copywriters in Singapore. 


Berlin-based food delivery giant, which currently operates in over 50 countries worldwide, has made Singapore its Southeast Asia’s headquarters, with plans to set up a new technology hub. Early this year, Foodpanda launched Pandamart, an on-demand delivery service for groceries, household essentials and beauty supplies as well as Pandanow, where customers can get their favourite brands, from Nestle to Colgate, delivered in 15 minutes. With such aggressive plans to diversify its offerings, the company is in need of talent. If you think you have what it takes to be a performance marketing manager, head of marketing or a UX writer, apply now.