July 21, 2020

Are you still hunkering down at home, but in dire need of a facial treatment? Introducing at-home LED masks that use different wavelengths of light to target uneven skin tone, acne, wrinkles and inflammation. For example, blue is known to kill bacteria, while red stimulates collagen production for anti-ageing. These light therapy masks are also suitable and safe for all skin types, including pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. If you’re open to trying one, here are our top five picks. Your skin might just thank you for it. 

DMH Aesthetics LED Light Shield Mask

Kourtney Kardashian has professed her love for this LED mask on Instagram, and we know why. It offers three light settings: red, blue and amber to reduce inflammation, treat acne and stimulate cell turnover. Besides, the mask is fully non-restrictive and lightweight, so you can move freely around the house while getting your skin treated.

Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro

Don’t we all hate breakouts the day before an important event? With Dr Dennis Gross’ DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro mask, you can finally put this worry to bed. This device is most well-known for its immediate and visible effects on acne, as it effectively clears the skin’s surface of any bacteria and gets rid of pre-existing scars. On a broader level, all 162 lights work together to improve your skin’s overall health and complexion.

Deese Professional LED Mask

With six coloured settings and 770 LED lights, Deese Professional takes the crown for being the most expensive LED face mask. Priced at S$2,500, there are different treatments to diminish pigmentation, reduce wrinkles and even accelerate anti-ageing results. 

The Light Salon Boost LED Face Mask

Unlike most LED masks which are quite restrictive, The Light Salon has made one that uses a softer medical-grade silicone that completely wraps around your face for a comfortable fit. Apparently, after ten minutes of use, your complexion should appear brighter and smoother. No wonder Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung swear by it.

LG Derma Pra.L Mask

If you can’t get enough of Korean beauty and skincare products, then LG Derma is the mask for you. Apart from the usual benefits, it also improves your skin elasticity to achieve that highly sought-after dewy look sported by Korean celebrities. Say goodbye to tired and dull skin.

Image Credits: POOSH, Dr Dennis Gross, LG